Vintage Kimono, pink Komon, Japanese dress

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 Vintage Kimono Yukitake, the width from the center of the neck to the end of the sleeve at the wrist

Size approx Length: 154cm

Yukitake: 66.5cm

Sleeve length: 49cm 

There are some stains and wrinkles.

This is a vintage kimono. It is not new. There are some dirt and stains on the face and collar and lining. This smells old. Because the goods are secondhand. Deterioration due to the passing of time (scratches, discoloring, dirt, wrinkles) are things to keep in mind. Please do not purchase, if you want perfect and beautiful goods. The wrinkles of a kimono may be able to be eliminated by applying to a hanger several days. Or please iron at a suitable temperature. You put white cotton cloth on kimono, and, please press it. Because it causes a stain and the shrinkage, please do not use the steam iron. Be careful not to burn the kimono. See manufacturer's settings before ironing. I will try best to simplify an outer packing so that the total weight can be minimized for cheaper shipping cost. 

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