Tenugui book, Japanese dog fabric book, shiba inu, tosa ken, wrapping cloth, Japanese cotton fabric, tapestry, Made in Japan, white shiba

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Tenugui size: about 34cm x 90cm ( 13.38" x 35.4" ) Japanese dog Fabric Shiba inu This is a book made of cloth. If you untie a string, it becomes one piece of long cloth Attention This is dyed goods by the manual labor. Both ends of the tenugui is not sewed for purpose. There are some wrinkles, please iron the tenugui. There are some wrinkles, please iron the tenugui. Japanese hand towels are, as the name suggests, cloths used for wiping your hands. These days, Western towels have taken over that function, but these cloths used to be an important part of daily life for Japanese people. They were used for a wide range of tasks – for wiping sweat, while in the bath, as a head covering and so on. Another distinctive feature is their abundant motifs. How to use TENUGUI http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/indepth/exotic/JapanesQue/1310/tenugui.html

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